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People from around the Globe
October 10, 2009, 8:42 am
Filed under: *Travel Diary

During the trip, we kept running into people from around the world.  Here is a partial list of some of the people and where they were from:

Three guys from Sri Lanka, Uganda, and the Philippines working for an English electric company in Huambo

Three South Africans in Lobito investigating possible construction deals

A Russian doctor in Lobito

Three Cuban Doctors in Lobito and Ganda

A Swedish aides worker in Luanda

English and Dutch demining experts in Huambo

Lebanese businessmen in Huambo

Chinese train conductor in Ganda

Large number of Chinese people working for various construction and utility companies from all over China and a few Chinese running clothing shops in poorer neighborhoods.

Large number of Vietnamese folks (all from Hanoi) running small shops in poor neighborhoods mostly in Benguela and Lobito, but also in the interior.

Two Bavarian brewery workers in Huambo

A North German soft drink machine repairman who works outside of Luanda with a burnt off thumb

A South African graduate student studying at the University of Chicago

Two Italian aides workers – one in Luanda and another in Huambo (one was an avid surfer).

Two Spanish aides workers in Huambo – one was Catalan.

A couple of Portuguese architects in Luanda

A Portuguese Computer technologies professor in Luanda

A woman from Cape Verde who lived in the musseque along the railway tracks in Benguela who adopted a young Vietnamese photocopy-shop store owner 

A group of Filipino construction workers in Lobito


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